7 reasons why you need to communicate with your customers through WhatsApp

As of 2022, WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide and is available in more than 180 countries and over 60 languages. In Brazil, for instance, there are around 120 million monthly active users (93%, second only to India), while in Argentina, there are approximately 37 million monthly active users (89%).

Sometimes people have different opinions and numbers can be confusing, but some facts are just true. One of those facts is that when businesses talk to their customers, they should use the best way possible.

If a business can communicate with its customers efficiently, it will be successful. WhatsApp is arguably the best way for businesses to interact with their customers because it’s a modern and easy way to do it, and customers like to be in control of how they communicate with you.

On the other side of the coin, you as a business owner need a professional tool that enables your team to provide an actually proficient service like WaliChat, a tool that allows teams to interact with the same WhatsApp number with shared access and advanced features to improve productivity. It includes features such as chat and group assignment, note-taking, metadata addition, scheduling messages, sending automatic replies, IA replies, and much more.

Additionally, WaliChat offers API integration with CRM and other systems to send notifications and alerts while complying with WhatsApp's anti-spam rules.

Discover 7 reasons why WhatsApp can revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers:

  1. Well-known, handy platform

WhatsApp is a very popular and easy-to-use tool that everyone knows about and uses for different things. It's used worldwide across all ages and social statuses. A truly democratic tool.

2. Immediate, yet a-synchronic communication

WhatsApp lets people exchange messages in real time, but it’s not required for both parts to be available at the same time. This makes it flexible and convenient: just about the perfect rhythm for efficient communication between your customers and your support team.

3. Location, documents and high-quality media sharing

If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is 30 images per second, so… well, you got the point. Sending media, audio messages, documents and positions makes communication thousands of times richer and easier for both customers and businesses.

4. Meet your customers where they are

Your customers are already using WhatsApp for everyday life, so this makes it easy for them to contact your business using a tool they already have and know how to use, which can give you an advantage over your competition.

5. Enhance how you are perceived

WhatsApp enjoys a strong reputation among users, with over 70% of people preferring to use a tool that they are familiar with and trust. By leveraging this trust, businesses can create a sense of comfort and confidence among their customers when they engage with them through WhatsApp.

6. Global reach

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries and in more than 60 languages, making it a great option for businesses with a global customer base. By utilising a multi-agent tool such as WaliChat, your team (with the great help of Artificial Intelligence integrated within the platform) can efficiently respond to customer inquiries, extending your operating hours and providing language expertise from specialists on your team.

7. Conversational support is the key

WhatsApp enables conversational support, which is a modern approach that focuses on personalised and natural conversations with customers. By creating a positive customer experience through human-like interactions, conversational support can help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers.

Bonus fact: incorporating this powerful tool into your customer experience will position you among the top 10% of current leading businesses on the Planet!