Why you need a multi-agent platform for your business

Do you need a multi-agent platform for your business? Most likely yes, here are 7 reasons why.

  1. All your numbers under control
  2. Extending customer support hours
  3. Timely responses
  4. Have the right customer support specialist take care of each case
  5. Organize your work with useful tools
  6. Analytics

1. Remote access

Working from home or having a distributed team accessing from locations has never been so popular as it is now, so you need a platform that allows your team to simultaneously access the same WhatsApp account from their location.

If you need to have your team working on several numbers at once, you can connect all the WhatsApp numbers you need, and they can effortlessly switch from one to another with a click.

With WaliChat, you can define chat permissions for each role, so you have complete control over what your agents can see and do on your WhatsApp numbers.

2. Follow the sun

Successful businesses must keep up with customers’ needs, especially when acting globally. Being able to adapt to your customers’ rhythms is key to gaining their attention and trust.

A multi-agent platform like WaliChat allows you to have multiple agents that can cover a wider support timeframe and get you closer to providing a superior and reliable service. The sun will never set on your empire.

And when your team is not available, set an automatic reply to let your customers know that you have not abandoned them and you'll take care of their query asap.

3. Right on time

Timely responses make all the difference in the world when dealing with your customers and having a whole team of people attending incoming chats can dramatically decrease the amount of time that a person waits when getting in touch with you. You can assign specific chats to each team member so that they can focus on their own conversations.

If your team is busy or your customers reach out to you outside of business hours, WaliChat's automatic replies will come to the rescue to improve your customers' experience.

4. The right person at the right time

Every business has to deal with its own Karens, but fear no more because you can assign them the most qualified representatives to impress them and satisfy their needs. Hopefully, they won’t ask to speak to a manager, but if they did, you can have all the teammates and supervisors needed in one single conversation.

5. Organize your team and boost their productivity

Get your team the tools they deserve to excel at their job. Sometimes being great at what you do is not enough. You need productivity tools to help you keep everything tidy and show your customers how organized and professional you are. Labels, metadata, quick replies, signatures, internal notes, automatic replies, IA replies and much more are what your team needs to thrive before your customers’ eyes.

6. To measure is to know (and to improve)

In order to determine how the interactions with your customers are going on WhatsApp you need to gather data, analyze it and find improvement spots. All this can be done easily with analytics tools that can help you understand how your team is handling support requests and where to intervene to improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Information such as the number of new chats, average waiting time, average resolution time etc. at team and individual agent levels, can help you have a thorough understanding of where your communication on WhatsApp is excelling and where you need to improve.

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